Thursday, February 16, 2012

Khijadiya wildlife

Nilgai and waterbirds

Spoonbills, Black-necked Ibises etc

Boar (or, as Jasmine would say: Ginger boar cooleyo!)

Dalmatian Pelican, Indian Cormorant and Grey Heron

Black-shouldered Kite

She is snigffing the air, licking her lips. Why?

Because he is scent-marking a rock

She then scent-marks the same rock and they walk off, one sniffing out the other...

Paddyfield Warbler

Painted Storks

Dalmatian Pelican

Indian Darter

Grey Francolins

Black-necked Stork
Khijadiya is a fantastic, extensive wetland area, brimming with birds and mammals. Sadly, we couldn't spend more than an afternoon there, but it would have been woderful to explore further. These photos are a mere taster of the delights on offer.

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Alan Pavey said...

What a place, fantastic images.