Monday, January 28, 2019

Hooded Crow at Ferry Meadows CP, Peterborough

Water Pipits at Baston Fen, South Lincs

There have been up to 13 Water Pipits at Baston Fen this month. It is easy to see six feeding together. The best LBJs out there!

Monday, January 21, 2019

Whooper Swans in early morning frost, Thorney Dyke

Common Seals at Dog-in-a-Doublet

There were two Common Seals on the tidal River Nene at the D-in-a-D sluice on Saturday. One was still there on Sunday.

Roadside Merlin (hiding!)

At Thorney Dyke

Flush at frozen March Farmers

Water Pipits, Baston Fen, Lincs

Over the Christmas period Will Bowell and I went in search of Water Pipits at Baston Fen NR. Josh Jones had found one at the 'wader pit' of the Baston and Langtoft complex and we thought that the flooding around Baston Fen looked even more suitable. We walked the edge of the flood and eventually flushed three Water Pipits, a local find tick for Will. A couple of weekends ago, I returned and, in high winds, found at least one Water Pipit feeding with a flock of Meadow Pipits, on the edge of the now greatly enlarged flood.
Last week, Dave Roberts found that there were at least seven Water Pipits at the site, so on Saturday, WIll and I went to pay our respects. Almost as soon as we got there, a heron flew across and flushed a flock of 12-15 pipits from near the path. We binned them and were surprised that they all looked similar and some of them were definitely Water Pipits. Luckily they landed again along the edge of the flood and we could scope them. We soon realised that all the birds we were lookign at were Water Pipits, with no visible Meadows. We confirmed at least 12 Water Pipits, which was more than I have ever seen together in the UK, let alone the PBC area (my previous high count was seven on the Nene Washes).
I went back yesterday and saw at least eight WPs feeding in great light and occasionally perching in a bare tree, showing very well. These photos don't do justice to the birds or the views; they really are lovely little things and strangely delightful for such nondescript LBJs...

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

New Year's Eve Waxwing: PBC tick 195 for 2018

Two Waxwings at Dobbies, near Tesco, Hampton, south-west Peterborough on 31st December. A great way to end the year, but all too brief! Waxwing took my Peterborough area year list to 195 speceis, smashing my previous best (189 set in 2008) by six birds.

Hooded Crow, Eye Tip

Originally found by Josh Jones as I was standing next to him on Christmas Eve (searching for year tick gulls), this was just the third Hoodie I have seen in the Peterborough area (PBC year tick number 193). These photos were taken when Will Bowell ( relocated it on 29th December.