Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Goshawk, Strathdearn

An adult, presumed male, with a rather tatty tail base flew by chasing a pigeon, then over our heads, then circled round, when I grabbed these record shots. I have only very rarely seen adult Goshawks in the UK!

Shag, Hopeman harbour, Moray

I think the fish it is going to eat in the fishy photo is a Butterfish. Anyone confirm or correct this?

Juvenile Gannet, Burghead, Moray

A close shave

I think this was the last time the Temminck's Stint at Baston & Langtoft 'wader pit' was seen (20th October 2018). Originally found by High Wright (his second there this year), this was the first autumn Minx I have seen in the PBC area. I was trying to get the odd snap for records' sake, when a Sparrowhawk came steaming through trying to nab the wee stink. I snapped off some record shots (the best I could muster) of the attack. In the last one you can see the stint just veering off to the left of the photo, after which the hawk gave up. That said, I couldn't refind it...

Crested Tit, Loch Garten RSPB