Friday, February 10, 2012

Backlit Peahen


Joe Beale said...

Hi, stunning images as always!

I was hoping to ask you, are you still using the Canon S95 for digiscoping?

I just bought it but find it difficult to use with my old Opticron scope. Compared to my old Sony DSC W50 (which has just died), I find it doesn't pick up detail so well and white is too bright in auto mode, etc... but I was wondering what settings you have it on when digiscoping? I'm thinking to return the Canon and just get the updated version of the Sony that would be cheaper and easier to use! I'd be grateful for any suggestions, many thanks :-)

- Yvonaut -
Das sind Raphael und Yvonne

Very nice picture, beautiful sunlight!
Have a nice weekend
Yvonne & Raphael

Mike Weedon said...


I stopped using the A95 a few years ago. Not because it wasn't great, just I started using a 10Mp Powershot A640, which gave slightly bigger photos (and had closer, better macro). Now I mainly use a Powershot S95 which has good points (eg a sort of HD video) and bad; lack of flexibility with focus area.
I lost my A95 a couple of years back, but will try to remember the settings I used for digiscoping. I certain,y wouldn't use auto!
I used C (custom) and saved settings of AV, minimum ISO, macro, generally daylight white balance and zoomed out as far as possible (I used a Lensmate tube as an adapter) and biggest image size.
The A95 worked v well with Kowa eyepieces, but it is also effective with Swarovski and Leica, though with all was much better with fixed rather than zoom lenses.
I don't know much about Opticron scopes nor Sony cameras, but in general, if you are happier with a particular camera I would go for that rather than try to put up with something inferior. Try changing the settings and see if that works, first, though...

Good luck


Anonymous said...

Great photo! autumy ( if thats a word )