Saturday, June 22, 2024

Night Heron, Cowbit Wash, Part III

Night Heron, Cowbit Wash (Peak Hill) Part II

Today, with Will Bowell and Dave Nurney, I relocated the Night heron flying south along the Welland (then out of sight behind a tree). It was a decent morning, with two Black-winged Stilts at Etton, and Two Glossy Ibises and eight Spoonbills at Deeping Lakes east pit. Also there were a Hobby chasing a Starling, a hepatic female Cuckoo, a Reed Bunting catching an Emperor Dragonfly mid-air (in its bill!), plus a Roe Deer ineracting with a Fox. At Cowbit Wash there were more than 120 Little Egrets.

Second-summer Night Heron, Cowbit Wash (Peak Hill) Part I

On Friday evening, I was trying to get a better look at a feeding flock of eight Spoonbills, so drove a little further down a track westward toward the River Welland. Having turned the car round to scan the flooded stubble fields, my eye caught a small grey heron clearly much smaller than the few Little Egrets. The rest is a blur. A UK find tick for me.