Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Southey Woods has a reputation for three things. Put as bluntly as I dare, lunchtime sees a lot of men turning up without dogs or binoculars to walk in the woods; the evening is famous for dogging without dogs; and anytime of the year, is the time to look for Crossbills.
There are a dozen or so enjoying the seeds of the pines near the picnic area at the moment. I cycled down there today (forgetting about it being lunchtime), and got some fantastic views of the birds feeding. Photographing them, though, proved very difficult, and this was all I could come with (digiscoped).

Still, they should be bankers for the New Year's Day 'bird race' I'm really looking forward to (with Ray an Will Bowell and Helen Wilson). We'll be disappointed if we don't crack 100 species on January 1, 2009. Let's hope for good weather...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Around Iwokrama

Black-and-white Hawk-eagle

Pied Lapwing

Cracker having a 'wee'

A frog

Tropical Mockingbird

Butterflies, lots of them

Sanka (?) the three-legged Caiman

A beetle

Stick-like mantis

I got five stings from these lovely, though massive, wasps

Form the top of Turtle Mountain

A giant cockroach

A cool spider

Another spider

Long-tailed Potoo

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Rock View and environs

Lizard sp

White-tailed Hawk

Savannah Hawk (adult)

Tropical Kingbird

Black Vulture

Savannah Hawk (juvenile)

The rules


Lantern fly of genus Fulgora

Red-and-green Macaw

Surama schoolchildren look through my scope

Surama cultural group

Caiman House

Great Potoo

Mr Luke Johnson

Public scratching post

Get out of the schoolyard!