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My favourites from 2021

Spot the Bar-tailed Godwit among the Icelandic Black-tailed Godwits
Bearded Tit, Nene Washes
Mating Dark-edged Bee-flies, our garden
Albert, the Bempton Cliffs Black-browed Albatross
Black Stork, Freiston Shore, Lincs
Cranes, Nene Washes
Elegant Tern, Cemlyn Bay, Anglesey
Grass Snake, Baston Fen
Great Northern Diver, Ferry Meadows CP, Peterborough
Iceland Gulls at Fitzwilliam Bridge, Peterborough
Juvenile Peregrine, Stamford
First-winter Kittiwake, Ferry Meadows CP, Peterborough
Longhorn moth, our garden, Peterborough
Montagu's Harrier, Great Fen
Muntjac, River Nene, by Millennium Bridge
Nightingale, Castor Hanglands NNR
Norfolk Hawker, Baston Fen LWT
Otters in Peterborough
Purple Emperor, Castor Hanglands NNR
Pyramidal Orchid and friend, Swaddywell LNR, Helpston
Red-throated Diver, River Welland, near Crowland
Red-throated Diver, CEGB Reservoir, Peterborough
Sandwich Tern, Ferry Meadows CP
Common Toad, our garden, Peterborough
Turtle Dove, Maxey-Etton pits
Wheatear, Etton pits
White-fronted Goose, Ferry Meadows CP, Peterborough
Willow Emerald, Baston Fen