Friday, February 03, 2012

Gujarat, India, Day 2, Part 2: road to Bhavnagar

Buffaloes at the sewage farm

Painted Storks

Black Kite

Bearers of buffalo dung


Crested Lark

Marsh Harrier

The sewage farm

Bank Mynas

Sewage farm scenic

Painted Stork roundabout

Our first scheduled stop was a sewage settlemet area with an amazing amount of birdlife. There were abundant Ruddy Shelducks, Comb Ducks, loads of dabbking ducks including massive Spot-billed Ducks, lots of waders including Little and Temminck's Stints and plentiful Wood and Marsh Sandpipers. The were ibises galore and Spoonbills and in the distance several thousand flamingos took to the air. It was a great place at which we could have done with more time, but ho hum...
We spent an inordinate amount of time at a roundabout which had breeding Painted Storks. I am not sure who was most bemused by the invasion, the locals or the storks.

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