Thursday, February 02, 2012

Gujarat, India, Day 1, Part 1: Kensville CC

Red-wattled Lapwing

Green Bee-eater

Black Drongo

Large Grey Babbler

Red-naped (or Black) Ibis

Citrine Wagtail

I have just got back from a couple of weeks in Gujarat, India. Initially I was invited to the 2nd Global Birdwatchers' Conference 2012. But, along with fellow delegates Mark Newell and Hywel Maggs, we had a further week or so after the conference visiting some of the state's top birding and wildlife localities.
Our first destination was the site for the conference, the immaculate golf course of Kensville Country Club. We arrived after a stupid amount of time without sleep at 7am on 19 January and immediately set to, birding the golf course surrounds. Most of the birdlife was typical of what we were to encounter across the region, but there were a few species we saw there but nowhere else.
At daw, vast numers of birds passed over, leaving their roost sites in flocks. These included big flocks of Bimaculated Larks and Short-toed Larks plus thousands of Rose-coloured Starlings. Painted Storks, and Comb Ducks also passed overhead. Asian Koels and Shikras called adn Purple Sunbirds were everywhere. This is a selection of some of the birds which I manaaged to get a few photos of.

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