Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Brünnich's Guillemot; easily overlooked?

Brünnich's Guillemot, Burghead, 17 November 2011
It pains me somewhat to admit it, but these photos have been sitting neglected on my computer until today. I'm afraid I lack killer instinct when it comes to finding rare birds. So, when I photographed this young guille during a Heatherlea trip in November, it flashed through my mind how dark and stumpy young guilles appear, rather how I thought Brünnich's was supposed to look, but I didn't even put these vague thoughts into words. I concentrated instead on trying to relocate a King Eider for the group. Luckily, Jonny Pott, our guide, finally got round to looking at his photos recently and the penny dropped.
So, I just consulted my photo archive and pulled these out. It's embarrassing really, not least because there have been fewer than 45 accepted UK records. But, hey, at least I saw it and photographed it. So there!


Fraser Simpson said...

You're still going to submit it to BBRC though?

Great, belated find!

Jonny Pott said...

We were concentrating so hard looking for the 'King' we got punched in the eyes by a 'Brunnich's'! Jonny

Terry Hilsden said...

Hey! I have just found I have got some photos too! Wow! Thanks Mike, I think yours are better than mine! Thanks Jonny for the tip off! Terry

Terry Hilsden said...

Hey! I have just found I had some good shots of the Brunnich's too, just thought it was a "normal" gilly though! Wow! Brilliant! Thanks for the tip off Jonny, and thanks for the pics Mike! Terry

Graham Catley said...

Hmmm shows all the ID features. As the saying goes always expect the unexpected.