Sunday, June 07, 2009

Kazakhstan Part 4: Mountains near Almaty

Sunrise hits the mountains looming above our Almaty hotel
Big Almaty Lake, purportedly home to Ibisbills, but we dipped (perhaps better later in the year, when the ice has melted somewhat)

Black-throated Accentor

These mountains echo to the lonesome wails of Himalayan Snowcocks

Himalayan Rubythroat

Lesser Grey Shrike

By Big Almaty Lake

This marmot looks pretty similar to the steppe version to me, but I was assured it was a different, mountain species...

Q: Why is Dale Forbes looking so pleased with himself?
A: After meditating over a dead beetle, he has just found a pair of Eversmann's Redstarts. Lovely.

Male and female Eversmann's Redstarts

Male Eversmann's Redstart


Dale Forbes said...

oh, show me a birder who wouldn't be right chuffed at finding an evermann's redstart. i didnt stop grinning for a good hour!

corey said...

Nice shots, Mike. I was right chuffed just to get a distanst scope view of Evermann's Redstart.

Wishing I was back in the cool mountains instead of muggy New York City...