Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Taiwan Day 6

Most of Day 6 was spent at the raptor watchpoint at the southern end of Tawian at Sheding Park. We were on the look out for Grey-faced Buzzards, but wee were too early in the year (the resident Tawiwanese birders who manned the watchpoint for months, did pick one up at distance, but I didn't see it!). Instead, the highlight was watching hundreds of Chinese Sparrowhawks passing over (though their sense of direction was curious). Most birds must have roosted reasonably locally, as the main passage was in the first few hours of daylight.
Additionally, we saw Crested Goshawk, the odd Oriental Honey Buzzard, a couple of Besras, a few distant Crested Serpent-eagles and a few Orinetal Pratincoles (plus an Ashy Drongo). A group of Taiwan Green Pigeons were the only ones we saw on the trip.
Chinese Sparrowhawks
Oriental Honey Buzzard
Taiwan Green Pigeon
Black-naped Monarch (female), Jacana Nature Park, Guantian
Tiny dragonfly, jacana Nature Park, Guantian

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