Friday, November 13, 2015

Taiwan Day 5

From the mountains we passed down south and west to Tainan city and a grand hotel (Shrangri-la) overlooking the university. It was not a huge drive from here to the Ougi Wetlands to wath their famed wintering flock of Black-faced Spoonbills, as well as a nice collection of Asian waders. There were 75 spoonbills in the distant flock. Long-toed Stint and Yellow Bittern were both new birds for me.
Black-faced Spoonbills
Yellow-bellied Prinia
Lesser Sand Plover
Long-toed Stint
Marsh Sandpiper
Yellow Bittern In the afternoon we ventured south to the Manzhou area where we started our first bit of migrant raptor watching and ticked our first Chinese Sparrowhawks. More were to come on the next day...
Brown Shrike
Dragonfly sp

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