Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Taiwan Day 3 Part 1

Our third day brought a rich crop of endemic bird delights. We started at a car-park, where we bagged the follwing brids, plus such intriguing little lovelies as White-bellied Erpornis. My favourite bird in the whole of Taiwan was the Yellow Tit! Later we rose up into the rich forested mountains, where we bumped into a flock of Steere's Liocichla and a few female Fire-breasted Flowerpeckers at a bizarre coffee-stop at a 'Sacred Tree' where we were given honey on a cocktail stick on the way into the loo...
Yellow Tit, Taroko Gorge Visitor Centre
Varied Tit, of the Taiwan endmeic subspecies castraneoventris, Taroko Gorge Visitor Centre
Yellow Tit and Varied Tit, Taroko Gorge Visitor Centre
Male Grey-chinned Minivet, Taroko Gorge Visitor Centre
Taiwan Yuhina, Taroko Gorge Visitor Centre
The ropey bridge and view from which we had views of our first Taiwan Whistling-thrush Taiwan Whistling-thrush

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