Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Taiwan Day 2

Day two took us on a long drive east and south. In fact it was too rainy to do any birding at all for most of the day. Hence, not so many photos, but a few nice birds added. In the afternoon, I was able to find our guide Kuen-Dar Chiang a new bird for his taiwan list, in Ashy Drongo (no photo).
Taiwan Scimitar Babbler, Shipai Boundary
Our first encounter with a flock of about 10 Formosan (Taiwan) Blue Magpies, on the rainy roadside
Grey-streaked Flycatchers, by Nanao Gardens
Butterfly sp
Tawain Bulbul, Hualien area

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

You can see how the alpine accentor is related to our dunnock - it looks like a browner version!