Friday, November 13, 2015

Taiwan Day 4

We started the day in the Dasyueshan area with a dawn raid on a Swinhoe's Pheasant site. We dipped on the other endemic pheasant (Mikado), but mopped up plenty more moutnain birds of good quality during the day (though not many photos)...
Female Swinhoe's Pheasant
Swinhoe's Pheasants (less gaudy females in the background, dominant male in teh foreground)
Taiwan Yuhinas

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Frank Lin said...

Beautiful birds. However, I went a few weeks ago and was appalled by photographers excessively using playback recordings and smoking beside the Swinhoe's pheasants. I was particularly horrified to see the male Swinhoe's eating a plastic garbage bag and decided to go down the hill and pick it up. Although it looked close it was quite dangerous going down as rocks kept falling down my feet. I picked up the largest piece but I could see further down a few small bits but I considered it risky going down further. It's a real shame on visitors to be throwing trash down this hill, even more so than the already controversial food baiting that occurs here.