Monday, November 23, 2015

Late September reptiling

At the end of September, Ed and I spent several hours at our favourite reptile site in Peterborough. We made detailed notes of where each creature we found was seen, so we didn't repeat any records. Our totals at the end of the day included a minimum of a 71 reptiles (including one unidentified snake, seen very fleetingly by Ed). These broke down as
Slowworm: 30
Common Lizard: 20
Grass Snake: 12
Adder: 8 (2 adult males, 3 newly born males, 3 newly born females)
Young male Adder (about 6 inches long)
Adult female Adder (I nearly accidentally brushed by this snake as it basked on a bramble at about waist height, and it hissed persistently for several minutes!)
Two young female Adders (about 8 inches long)
Common (Viviparous) Lizard
Young Grass Snake

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