Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Taiwan Day 3 Part 2

We rose into the hill country, including Mount Hehuan and caught up with some special high altitude birds, including the endemic Flamecrest (like a bright yellow-bellied Firecrest/Goldcrest hybrid), and a lovely flock of the amazing Golden Parrotbill. Here are the best of my photos from altitude.
Alpine Accentor of the Taiwan endemic subspecies fenelli
Beavan's Bullfinch of the Taiwan endemic subspecies, erythaca, aka Owston's Bullfinch
Johnstone's Robin
White-whiskered Laughingthrushes
We ended the day with an unscheduled garage stop at the city of Taizheng, where the standout highlight was the vast number of insect eating bats, mixed with Pacific Swallows and House Swifts. Just about sundown I even witnessed a Kestrel plucking a bat from mid-dair with its talons, and trying to eat it, Hobby-style.
Brown Shrike, Taizheng
Richard's Pipit, Taizheng

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