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End of March 2020

Last week in March, 2008, I was on 125 (inc 17 'elites'). Year total: 189
Last week in March, 2009, I was on 131 (inc 22 'elites'). Year total: 187
Last week in March, 2010, I was on 126 (inc 15 'elites'). Year total: 177
Last week in March, 2011, I was on 130 (inc 18 'elites'). Year total: 182
Last week in March, 2012, I was on 134 (inc 21*(22) 'elites'). Year total: 183
Last week in March, 2013, I was on 128 (inc 20*(21) 'elites'). Year total: 187
Last week in March, 2014, I was on 124 (inc 17*(18) 'elites'). Year total: 187
Last week in March, 2015, I was on 114 (inc 11*(12) 'elites'). Year total: 172
Last week in March, 2016, I was on 127 (inc 13*(14) 'elites'). Year total: 188
Last week in March, 2017, I was on 134 (inc 23*(24) 'elites'). Year total: 186
Last week in March, 2018, I was on 124 (inc 14**(15) 'elites'). Year total: 195 (NEW record)
Last week in March, 2019, I was on 136 (inc 22**(23) 'elites'). Year total: 192
Last week in March, 2020, I was on 131 (inc 19**(20) 'elites'). Year total: ???
 * () Modern counting with Smew as an 'elite'
 ** () Modern counting with Smew as an 'elite'; plus (starting 2018) following changes:
Demoted from 'elite' to 'core': Crane, Cetti's Warbler, Bittern & Egyptian Goose
Promoted from 'core' to 'elite': Jack Snipe, Avocet, Turtle Dove, Barnacle Goose

Here, once again, is the traditional state of my personal PBC (Peterborough Bird Club area) year list summary, as of the end March (2020).
This year, the first three months lacked a few old stagers, such as the regular adult Rough-legged Buzzard in the Thorney Toll area (Wryde Croft Windfarm), 'Lottie' the Long-tailed Duck and so on. However, the Roughleg dearth was overcome with the discovery by Jacob Williams of a nice juvenile in March. On New Year's Day, a flock of Scaup (four females, one drake) were found at March Farmers, which stayed on the flooded fields for months. There was also a Red-necked Grebe there, found around Christmas time and the Cattle Egret just north of Whittlesey was lingering. The first few months have been good for 'elite' waders, with Jack Snipe, Avocet, Spotted Redshank, Turnstone, Grey Plover and Bar-tailed Godwit already bagged. A nice flock of 10 Tundra Bean Geese at Thorney Toll was highly unusual. Finally, I have already seen two Great White Egrets, including one found on a late March 'lockdown' morning at Heron Meadows, Ferry Meadows CP (the day after a couple of adult breeding-plumage Med Gulls dropped in during a snow storm onto Gunwade Lake, Ferry Meadows.

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Lesser is morer

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, near Peterborough, 3 March 2020

Side-by-side comparison of female Lesser Spotted Woodpecker photographed on 3 March 2019 (left) and female Lesser Spotted Woodpecker photographed on 3 March 2020 within 100m of each other. I believe this is the same bird, still on the territory. There was another LSW nearby, presumably its mate, and the pair are one of the last few known pairs in the Peterborough area. Let's hope they have a successful breeding season!

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