Sunday, June 14, 2009

Three interesting insects

Black Hairstreak, Glapthorn Cow Pastures. This is a key site for this localised species, which draws insect fans and photographers from all over the country, each June. Jas, Ed and I met a few today, some down from Yorkshire, others from Watford, and still more from Lincolnshire. The full emergence hasn't happened yet, and most of the Brambles (which the adults drop down from Blackthorns to feed on), weren't yet in bloom.

Scarce Chaser (mature, mated male), the River Nene at Cotterstock. Compare this powder-blue insect with black, worn saddle in the pruinescence on its abdomen (from the female's grasping legs, during mating), with the rather orange immatures seen earlier in the year at Woodwalton Fen: see here and here

White-legged Damselfly (male), the River Nene at Cotterstock. This was an insect tick for me, gripping back from Bogbumper's recent post...

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Ceri said...

Saw some male and female white-legged damselflies at Skylark Meadows in Bawdrip, Somerset last month. They look so fragile!