Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hornet Moth

This female emerged this morning at Serpentine Brick Pit, south of Peterborough. I am literally in love with this superb species of clearwing moth. I am ashamed to say these photos were taken using flash [at its lowest setting]) as it was very dark, misty and grim this morning.
Canon PowerShot A640


The Drunkbirder said...

It's almost Moth Porn! I saw them emerge in Loughborough the other week.
Have you seen any Bee Hawk-moths yet? I went off to Chambers Farm Wood the other week for the Broad-bordered, they're like gorgeous Hummingbird Hawks. Fantastic.

BW said...

I saw your post of the Hornet Moth with half unfolded wings: lovley stuff. I have only seen bee hawkmoths in Spain, and would love to see them over here, surely one of the sexiest insexts around.