Saturday, June 13, 2009

In our garden

One of swarms of frogs and toads in the garden at the moment. And there are still at least hundreds of tadpoles metamorphosing to froglets in the big pond. It is interesting how the tiny froglets are much smaller than the tadpoles they develop from. This one, though, is a largish fella, and he has taken up residence in our smallest pond, no more than a rubber carrying basket/bucket we have sunk into the lawn (he shares it with several froglets and one or two mini-toads). Small toads (a few cm long) are in good numbers in the long grass round the drinking pond.

Small Tortoiseshell
Despite the pretty good weather of the last few days, butterflies have been in short supply inthe garden. All I have seen is one Large White, one Large Skipper and this Small Tort which was fond of the Red Valerian.

Buff-tailed Bumblebee
Part of my attempt to identify the bees of the garden is an attempt at bumblebees (by looking and photography). I believe this is a Buff-tailed, but if anyone knows different...

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