Monday, August 16, 2004

The sandpiper and the fox

On Sunday (15.8.08) I was slogging around the lakes at Deeping Lakes LWT reserve (aka Welland Bank Pits), near Deeping St James, Lincs, from about 7am to 8.30am. The lake/small pits known by some of the locals as Phase 1 (I think it was the first pit scraped out in the new complex) has had a reasonable share of waders recently so I was trudging round there, scanning constantly. I was just looking at a group of three Common Sandpipers when a fox appeared and walked round, ignoring me.
It was some way off and I was downwind so I watched it exploring aound the edge of the pit looking for grub and eventually hop through a hole in the fence out of sight.
So I got on with digiscoping the sandpipers for several minutes – and this is the best I could muster.

Suddenly, the fox appeared just by the sandpipers (they were surprisingly unbothered), and stayed just long enough for me to digiscope it, instead. Here is Reynard noticing I am there. He reappeared a few more times during my walk, but this was my only photo.

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