Monday, August 16, 2004

Dr Doolittle?

This lunchtime (16.8.04) Katie Bogbumper Fuller braved the teaming hordes of 'gentlemen cruisers' (that's for an entirely different sort of website, I'm sure) at Southey Wood, not far from Peterborough, to look for birds and insects (and hope to see nothing untoward going on between the trees).
We'd been photographing butterflies including Painted Lady and Brimstone (more of that later) as well as the next generation of Large Skipper, and we were surrounded by masses of Common Darter and billions of Migrant Hawker dragonflies.
I was just trying to photograph a Common Darter when it got scared, left its flower head and instead went for the safety of Weedon's World of Nature, landing on my trigger finger.
Here are Katie's photos of the darter on my hand - with me unable to photograph my target...

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