Tuesday, August 17, 2004

More Southey Wood insects

I am irresistible to insects at the mo' (though I hasten to add there are no flies on me). This Pyrausta aurata moth landed on my skin and thought it would help itself to a tasty snack

The moth was at Southey Wood (16.8.04) in a patch of flowers which attracted Holly Blue and Peacock butterflies as well as a good population of what I believe are Dark Bush Crickets.

Female Dark Bush Cricket.

Male Dark Bush Cricket.

Check out the foot on the above. It appears to have a little 'stabiliser' to help spring in the air?.
Further up the track, I managed to get some photos of a few butterflies, including...
...Painted Lady

We also found a patch with literally hundreds of migrant hawkers as you can see from this photograph

As the sun went behind a cloud, the numbers of settled Common Darter increased allowing a few snaps.

Common Darters, Southey Wood, Cambs, 16.8.04

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