Monday, July 04, 2011

Some recent garden moths

Here are are some of the micro moths I have added to the Weedonian garden list, in the last few days. The total list has now grown by 100 species in 2011, but I'd like another 100 or so by the end of summer, please. Perhaps my newly arrived trap with 125W MV bulb may help...

Orthopygia glaucinalis

Batia lunaris

Ypsolopha scabrella

Possibly Recurvaria nanella, which may be only the second record for VC32 after one in 1944 (watch this space for confirmation). STOP PRESS: confirmed as the second record for VC32 by recorder David Manning.

Udea prunalis

Honeysuckle Moth, a lovely micro, with split wing-tips like a whale's tail; the hammertail moth as Eddie calls it

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