Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Some more new moths

Poplar Hawk-moth, one of the great moths

Cabbage Moth

Peppered Moth

Dusky Sallow

Common White Wave

The Miller

Light Arches

Common Emerald

Grey/Dark Dagger (only distinguishable by close examination)

Dwarf Cream Wave

Two Waves: Riband and Dwarf Cream

The Clay

Dark form of Dark Arches
I had my first run out with my new 125W MV Skinner trap two nights ago, and ran it in parallel with my stalwart 40W actinic Skinner. The results were dramatic, with ten new macros for my garden list, out of 60 species and a few hundred specimens (eg 79 Uncertains and 40 odd Dark Arches, including the dark form above).
I'm going to go for it again tonight, despite the threat of a light showers, so have built a rudimentary rain guard for the MV bulb. Watch this space for the results...

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