Saturday, May 01, 2010

Red-rumped Swallow (records)

This wonderful bird is a great rarity in Peterborough, found this morning at Ferry Meadows by Paul Gallagher. When I arrived at c2.30pm there wasn't a hirundine or Swift in sight, but getting on for 5pm, a few Swifts and House Martins came down, and then, there it was: Red-rumped Swallow. I watched it for about a minute, then it vanished. At c6.30-7pm it was relocated by Jonathan Taylor when the pair of us went to check Gunwade.
It proceeded to patrol the centre of the lake for quite a while among several hundred low hrundines, alllowing several locals and a couple of less locals to get great views. And I managed these digiscoped records. Let's hope it is still about tomorrow, especially for thoe who came to see it but dipoped, such as John, Don, Mac and the GPOgers who deflected from their bird race itinerary. And of course, Brian Stone, who was in Cambridge while all the action was going on...

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Dale Forbes said...

oooh, awesome Mike!