Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Extreme digiscoping

Here are some digiscoped shots of a few of Banded Demoiselle damselflies. One is noshing on what I think is an alderfly, there is a resting male and a resting female, and I have cropped in on one male to show the detail.
What is extreme about this particular bit of digiscoping is the sharpness and detail brought out by the quality of the scope, enhanced by the outrageous close focus of the scope in question. The damselflies were less than 3m away and digiscoped using one of the new Leica 65 scopes.
The shots were taken during a great morning using Leica gear at Paxton Pits with a few guys from Leica optics and readers of Bird Watching magazine.
We had a brilliant day with great scoped views of singing Nightingale and Turtle Dove.


Dale Forbes said...

I was in Italy over the weekend and in the one wetland area, there were lots of great big dragonflies all over the place and I really wanted to put a lens up to them. or even better, get one of them flying! but the light and family commmitments played havoc to that idea.

Great photos Mike, that really inspires me to go looking for dragons again.

forestal said...

wonderful shots