Thursday, July 30, 2009

Meet Tony Johnson

When we were in Antigua, we stayed in the Siboney Beach Club on Dickenson Bay. I couldn't leave (we are heading to Montserrat shortly, dear readers), without introducing its proprietor, Tony Johnson. It is Tony who runs this small hotel with lush gardens which were home to many of the birds I've already posted below.
He is an Australian who fought in the Australian Army in WWII. After years of travelling around doing this and that, he responded to an ad looking for someone to sail their yacht to the Caribbean. This took him to Antigua some 50 years ago. He liked it and hung around, then by chance met an old friend from his London days and they set up business together. In time he built the Siboney Beach Club and has run it since with the philosophy not of trying to make loads of money but having somewhere special to live (hence the lovely gardens) and welcome others.
On our first day, Tony drove a few of us up the bay and led us into the heart of the egret, heron and pelican colony, which was an amazing experience.
Tony likes a life of smoothies and good healthy food and I'm sure he wouldn't mind me saying he is looking pretty good on it - at the age of 85.



Que maravilha de fotos.......estou
Parabéns. BEIJOS,

Anonymous said...

We stayed at Siboney as well. Tony was a great guy. Great place to stay!

Montserrat is still IMO much better then Antigua although both have their pluses and minuses