Thursday, July 16, 2009

Antigua Day 2, DSLR Part 1

Sooty Tern
On our second day in Antigua, we spent a brief time in the morning in the gardens of the Siboney Beach Club, before sildling down the white coral sand beach to pic up our catamaran outsie Sandals. Our destination was Bird Island, home to a large Sooty Tern colony, with smaller numbers of Brown Noddies and Laughing Gulls. It was simply fantastic to walk among the nesting terns, trying to disturb them as little as possible...

Female Antillean Crested Hummingbird

Male Lesser Antillean Bullfinch

Zenaida Dove

Gecko sp

Laughing Gull

Sooty Terns

Magnificent Frigatebird

Bridled Tern

Sooty Tern

Brown Noddies

Brown Boobies

Laughing Gull

Sooty Terns

Green-throated Carib trying to see off a blue Budgie from its nest site...

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Anonymous said...

Amazing photos. Your Gecko sp is in fact an Anole, which is an Anolis sp.
Best wishes.