Saturday, March 14, 2009


I walked the two miles or so down the central drove of the RSPB Nene Washes this morning. Recently, there has been extensive flooding, but at least now you can walk all the way to the eastern end. I had walking boots on to wade through the odd puddle and mud on the track, but I was not the only one to have made it, recently. This humanoid footprint was one of a series near that end. Clearly a curious flat-footed primate, it is either some kind of Bigfoot or the footprint of a madman.
You decide.
And if you know what the smaller, clawed mammal prints are going the other way, please let me know.


Conscience said...

It is an extraordinary mark, Mike. Or maybe it's just a wind-up, you little tinker?
Hard to tell what the other little prints are because there's no sense of scale. I'm guessing from the baldes of grass about 3cm wide? Could be mink

BW said...

I can assure you it is not a fake, and it was genuinely weird to see. An empty half-bottle of Bells about 500 yards further west may be a clue to the sequence of events, or may just be coincidence.
Mink would be an interesting conclusion, and I should probably let the RSPB folk know...

Anonymous said...

yep, Mink prints: five toes so not canid, too jagged/star-shaped/pointy for cat so it's a mustelid: too small for otter & badger, too big for the others. polecat & mink are identical, but hey, go with mink.