Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Colombia Days 1-2; Medellin-Bahia Solano Part 1

Acorn Woodpeckers at our Medellin hotel

Black-cheeked Woodpecker at Bahia Solano airport

Spot the non-birders on our trip... the rough road to El Valle was temporarily blocked by other vehicles, but our guards were there to keep an eye hwile we we birded the road

Brown Pelicans following the Pacific shore outside the El Almejal Ecolodge, El Valle

Plain-coloured Tanager

Blue-grey Tanager

Crimson-backed Tanager (male)

Palm Tanager

Lemon-rumped Tanager (female)

A neat bit of shape-shifting...

A bit of a close up

Red-legged Honeycreepers (males are the blue ones) at the bananas

Yellow-crowned Tyrranulet

Pied Puffbird

The team at El Almejal

Ferns at the viewpoint

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