Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Colombia Days 1-2; Medellin-Bahia Solano Part 2


El Almejal lodge

Colourful yet tough local transport

Male Red-legged Honeycreeper

Our friendly lodge spider (which scared the living willies out of me). Perhaps an Argiope of sorts (note pretty collections of victims it background)

The way to the river which laughably pretended to be a path,

The wettest track I have ever birded on led to soaking, appalling views of the rather unimpressive endemic called the Baudo Oropendola

The best reward, though, was this sodden Grey-capped Cuckoo, a scarce and normally-elusive bird

Dragonfly sp.

A soaked Peter Dedicoat of Avian Adventures looks unimpressed by the weather

The way back over the El Valle River

Basilisk lizard


Gina said...

Hi Mike,
Nice Colombia pix. I posted a report on my web site today. www.sunrisebirding.com

Anonymous said...

the spider shown is not an argiope its a golden orb weaver - nephila