Monday, January 26, 2009

BGBW 25.1.09

Jasmine Eddie and I did the one-hour Big Garden Birdwatch on Sunday from the kitchen. Next year, I think we will do it from the upstairs bedroom, as you can see more of the garden and we will get more birds! This is what we saw in the hour (peak counts of perched/landed birds; in order of first appearance):

Blackbird, 6
House Sparrow, 13
Robin, 2,
Blue Tit, 2
Great Tit, 2
Collared Dove, 1
Dunnock, 5
Chaffinch, 7
Greenfinch, 2
Starling, 1
Magpie, 1

In summary, 42 individuals of 11 species

'White-neck', the dominant Blackbird in the area of the garden near the house.

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