Thursday, January 15, 2009

At it

I was just getting ready to leave the house in the morning. The kids were in the car just off to school. I looked out of the kitchen window, and there was a dog fox lolloping across the back of the garden.

So I popped outside and told J and E about the fox, and dashed back into the kitchen. Now, the dog fox was coming toward the house, with the same lolloping gait, but this time he was closely following a vixen.

He stopped briefly to scent mark near our small pond, then they both drifted behind the rose hedge near the house, though I could clearly see them through it. After about ten seconds, he mounted her for a few seconds. Then a minute or so later they had another quick preliminary mating session.

Now, I sprinted upstairs to grab my DSLR, but by the time I returned, they were gone.

When I told the kids later in the evening, they were quite excited by the prospects of having a garden full of baby foxes!

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