Monday, February 02, 2009


The birdwatchers of Cambridgeshire have voted – well some of them, at least. Thanks to all who voted for my photo of the Maxey Buff-breasted Sandpiper in mid-display, taken in early June 2008.

This digiscoped shot luckily caught the bird in mid-flash-a-Mac flash. It was doing the brief wing-flash display to no-one and nothing in particular every 15-20 minutes or so. The display lasted just a few seconds at maximum, and while I was digiscoping it, I had an inkling it was about to do it so hit the shutter and held it down for a few shots. Only one photo had the wings open, but it caught the moment pretty well (in my opinion). It really was a thrill to see this bird displaying and probably the birding highlight of my local year (and a very rare sight at all in the UK), so I am delighted to have a photographic reminder of the event.

Click the pic to see a much bigger version than I have previously posted.

It didn't get quite enough votes to take the first prize in the Cambridgeshire Bird Club Photograph of the Year 2008, but it did get runner-up. First place went to Garth Peacock's portarait of a Firecrest at Grafham Water (see here for more photos taken in Cambs).


Fraser Simpson said...

Excellent capture Mike, well done with the prize.

BW said...

Prize, my arse! This year I must try harder! Thanks for the comment, FS. Mike