Saturday, July 07, 2007


Flipping 'eck, Tucker, Weedon is straying from his natural theme, once again. However, I've been a bit miserable lately, what with fevers and appalling new 'working' conditions, and neighbours creating volcanoes and covering my garden in poisoned lava. So, I've naturally gravitated to my favourite film, Withnail & I. I've watched it twice in the last few days and it never fails to amuse me, greatly.
My recent mood, though, is perhaps best left to Shakespeare, here as the final words of Richard E's unlovable rogue Withnail (please don't click if offended by wolves):
Or, when feeling even more pissed orf, I am happy to resort to this (please don't click if offended by rude words):
Maybe I should turn to the Maha Mantra and find my neutral space (please don't click if offended by globes):

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Katie said...

Poisoned lava? Mount Weedon hasn't erupted, has it?