Wednesday, July 18, 2007

In the tea queue

The great Pluvialis occasionally records conversations she has overheard. I am nothing if not a plagiarist, so I can't resist contributing this from two unknowns at the tea-making area here at my new place of work:

“In my Plastic Padding mug, please”
“Yeah, I know.”
“The thing is, though it says Plastic Padding, it’s not actually made of plastic padding. It’s just a mug”.
“You should really sell it on eBay”
“”Yeah, I could sell it and say Plastic Padding cup, but surround it with words like rare and interesting to help it sell.”
“I should really sell my paperweight. It’s a pretty cool paperweight, but I don’t really like to sell things. I prefer to get all my things and store them in my loft”
“Which reminds me, I really must tidy my room. I still have those boots in there from the Land Rover launch.”

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