Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Young entomologists

Of course, if you have already seen my Essex Skipper pic from an earlier post (looking like something out of Quatermass and the Pit) you will know that I have been to top limestone insect locality Barnack Hills and Holes ( 23.7.05). Indeed the whole Weedon clan went and had a great time. Here are the youngest Weedonians enjoying some close up entomology, when a cool Marbled White tried to warm itself up on our hands.

EJ + Marbled White

Jas + Marbled White

There was an abundance of Six-spot Burnets

Essex Skippers were the only skippers we saw (click for biggy)

This moth is a Dusky Sallow, which is particularly fond of knapweeds, so I read...

Summer isn't summer without 'Bloodsuckers', these soldier beetles, which always seem to be mating (here on Wild Parsnip)!
One of our aims for going there was to see if we could find Chalkhill Blues. Just as we were finishsing our walk, Jas announced that she had finally found a blue butterfly. It turned out to be a Common Blue and getting munched by a small spider: "...delicious! And I hope he was!"

Nikon Coolpix 4500

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