Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Baby Terns

Nikon Coolpix 880, Kowa TSN-821 +32xW LER
On Sunday, it was raining like Billy Ocean, but I had an exeptionally big birding window (of more than four hours!). As it was so horrible, I thought it was best to bird from within the car. Where better, then than Deeping Lakes LWT, where yo can drive in and watch the first pit (which some locals call Phase 2). Good numbers of gulls were drifting in to the small gravelly island, bathing, looking bedraggled then heading off. They were mostly Black-headeds, but there were up to 15 Lesser Blackbacks at a time a few Herrings and up to 7 Commons. I figured that if I waited, something good may turn up, and I was right. After I had been there about half an hour a Mediterranean Gull mysteriously appeared (only the second I have seen in the PBC area this year). It was a rather shabby adult, just starting to replace some of the black feathers from its hood, and with some moulting going on in the primary department. It stayed about five minutes, max, then left.
So did I soon afterwards and went to see if Grummitt's Scrape had anything to offer (at least it had a hide). Answer: not much, except for several young Common Terns, begging in the rain. Here are a couple of youngsters at rather different stages of growth. The younger one (first pic) was a particularly rounded-winged fella.

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