Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Reed Warbler

When the management team have drained the water from your local nature reserve (Star Pit, Peterborough) and the only birds are a sorry collection of juvenile Blac-backed Gulls, it's time to do something else. So I ploughed into the melilot (of which there is a hellish lot) and tried to take snaps of a singing Reed Warbler (2.7.05).

The song-in-the-reeds shot.

Pretending it is a Bittern!

Nikon Coolpix 880, Kowa TSN-821 + 32xW LER

Things livened up as I was leaving as Kevin Du Rose arrived with his clearwing pheromones (we had great Six-belted Clearwing action)– but he will tell the tale on his website (see links)

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