Saturday, July 03, 2004

White Admirals

I took another quick trip out to Bedford Purlieus today (Sat 3.7.04). Despite strong winds and showery weather, there were plenty of butterflies on the wing. Prominent among these, and no more than 100m from the parking spot (some much closer) were several White Admirals. Here are photos of three individuals, identifiable by the various chunks taken out of their wings.
Also here, I found at least one White-letter Hairstreak (excuse the quality of the digiscoped image), plus some great back-up insects including Comma butterfly, Common Blue Damselfly and the longhorn beetle Strangalia maculata.

White Admiral.

The same White Admiral.

A partially-damaged White Admiral.

And another, that has had some serious chunks taken from its wings.

Dodgy digiscoped White-letter Hairstreak.


Female (blue form) Common Blue Damselfly.

Good old Strangalia maculata, sharing bramble pollen with some pollen beetles.

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