Monday, July 05, 2004


On saturday night, I ventured out to Castor Hanglands, Cambs, not far from Peterborough. Glow-worms were my target, and there were several shining merrily low in the grass – within yards of the parking area. Below are photos of one beast, with the glow on the left (on an 8s exposure) and flashed on the right (a leaf out of the book of my friend Steve Dudley, the Toadsnatcher [see link on right]).
I had a crafty plan to use the 'glow' from my mobile phone to illuminate a creature for an intermediate shot – but instead I succeeded in phoning up my sister in the middle of the night without realising (though she later texted to ask what was going on, because there were "strange noises" coming from my mobile).

Glow from a glow-worm, plus the creature itself hanging over grass in a rather loose and limp way (3.7.04, 11pm).

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