Friday, July 02, 2004

Digiscoping: Lapwings

I have always loved Lapwings. We were brought up largely as sheltered suburbanites on the edge of Surrey downland. So, I didn't see any until I travelled with my sister Alison and father Barry by car up to Scotland, when I was about 9. My brothers Chris and Graham, meanwhile, travelled up at the same time by train, and when they arrived they had excited tales of "black-and-white birds of prey – flocks of them!" on the way (it was the broad wings that did it).
They are such unique birds in our avifauna and, though common, are superbly iridescent, characterful, crested beauties with a wonderful tumbling flight and magical electronic voices.
So, I fancied getting some images, and these are the best I have come up with so far. The single birds are at Grummit's Scrape, Baston and Langtoft, Lincs and the group with flies at Welland Bank pits, also Lincs. All at the end of June.

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