Monday, September 02, 2019

Little and Large

There is a remarkable size difference between the two Spoonbills which are currently hanging around at Eldernell, on the Nene Washes, Cambs. The juvenile is a titch, while the adult (on the left of this photo,) which also bears some colour rings, is much larger. Yesterday morning, both, while I was chatting with Andrew Gardener and scanning for birds, from the Eldernell car park, both birds took off from their favoured flooded farmland and thermalled pretty high before returning to said farmland. At one stage, a juvenile Peregrine attacked the smaller bird in a speedy stoop, and nearly clipped it, but the Spoony just evaded the cheeky attempt! I guess these flights were precursors to moving on from the area. Next stop, Ferry Meadows CP?

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