Monday, March 07, 2011

Year list surge

It has been a very slow start to the year, with respect to my local year-listing around Peterborough. The exceptions during January and February were three scarce species I kept bumping into: Mealy Redpoll (more than 60 at two sites), Pink-footed Goose (nearly 100 at two sites) and Waxwing (hundreds at various sites).

However, since the beginning of March, my list has taken a significant leap forward. I have, in the last week, added:

Mediterranean Gull, an adult,
Bittern (one twitched another heard booming),
Bearded Tit,
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker,
Water Pipit, and
Avocet, three twitched at Ferry Meadows CP

I have also added Bewick's Swan to our garden list (and BIGBY) and Mealy Redpoll to my BIGBY list, after finding a (very tame) pair near our house while playing with a rugby ball with Jas and Ed.

I will update further at the traditional time of the end of the month to see how this year's list compares with the last three years'.

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