Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring moths

Early Grey

Clouded Drabs

Agonopterix subpropinquella (I reckon)
It is officially spring, they say (though I adhere to the March-May = spring philosophy), and with it has come some mild weather. Last night, I was out owling (adding Long-eared Owl to the old local year list, now you ask), and on the drive back in the dark, I saw several moths in the headlights, so resolved to do some trapping. I have had a few false starts since last October, catching next to nothing. But, things must change.
This morning, there were seven moths of six species, as follows [* = new for garden]

*Common Quaker, 1
Clouded Drab, 2,
*Early Grey, 1,
*Agonopterix subpropinquella, 1,
Emmelina monodactyla, 1

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