Monday, August 02, 2010

Small Ranunculus

My yields of moths have so far been rather low; but I have only been trapping in our garden for a week, so I can't expect massive drama straight away. However, just to keep the motivation up, it is great to find something tasty. Today, we had two tasty treats: Pebble Prominent, a big, furry legged thing (see post above), and a little beauty, with a lichen-like pattern which required the mighty Brian 'The Natural' Stone to confirm: Small Ranunculus. This is a decently rare moth on a national scale, though apparently Peterborough is a little bit of a hotspot for them.


sarah said...

We also moth trap in Peterborough and had one of these on 9th July.

BW said...

Thanks for the comment, Sarah, and also the link to your excellent blog, which I am thoroughly enjoying browsing.