Saturday, August 07, 2010

The ones that got away

I went to admire the moth trap last night in situ in the garden at about midnight. It was warmer and cloudier than I thought, and there was a corresponding increase in action, with lots of bugs of various kinds: shield bugs, ichneumons, ladybirds etc, plus quite a lot of moths. I noticed, though, that some were particularly good at escaping through the middle slot (which is of course where they enter). Still, I anticipated a decent haul this morning.
Come this morning, though, the trap was just about empty: no Shuttle-shaped Darts (I could see at least three in there at midnight), just one Riband Wave (there were definitely more geometrids around), no shieldbugs or beetles and hardly any moths.
This morning, then, I have modified my trap, with an extra flap on each side of 'lid', to increase the lobster-pot effect, stop the insects escaping and hopefully increase the yield.
Watch this space...

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